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A lesson to learn: hot to hijab

Posted by Nadiva Olivier on February 10, 2008


Summer travel season lasted 36 days in Brazil this year, against the average of 60 days in previous years. It seems that anyone can have excellent prices for hotels and all that is connected with tourism in February. As Carnival was anticipated, you can find prices from off season travel – Season´s Discount Travel Packages (minimum 15%), without problem now. Summer is spectacular; the beaches are all there, fully prepared to receive tourists in their best way: good food, excellent hotels and so on.

On the other hand, Carnival is a big business down here. Around 700 thousand people came just for Carnival party in Rio, where summer will end with 2.5 million tourists from December 2007 to March 2008, and income of US$ 500 million.

Besides the great business perspectives, we have to regret how many women get naked for nothing during these days. It shouldn’t be that way, if not for a self-respect concept, at least for a business idea. Maybe we could balance with some weeks of how to hijab, just two months before Carnival, in order to neutralize these raw ingredients that account for our country culture and costumes. But this is just a free thinking exercise, not a solution at all. Thanks God, we have a free society, with happy people and splendid nature. Let’s free women to be naked and enjoy. Maybe when they become to have higher income, seriously considering entrepreneurship, leadership, culture and the real business Carnival is, they will choose other behaviors.

Carnival is not just Rio. Salvador received in 2007, around 420 thousand tourists and the State moved R$ 500 million during the six days of Carnival. Not just beaches have their share in this big business. Minas Gerais was expecting around 500 thousand tourists; it means the double of 2007 figures. One could exercise strong numbers like that in other areas of the country.

Carnival in Brazil is not just tourists. The production line connected to Carnival – produce clothes, allegoric cars and so on, is heavy too. A 2000 study, updated for 2006, indicated, just in the city of Rio, that Carnival moved R$ 685MM, being R$ 298MM just for people involved in this productive chain, that had around 265 thousands job positions and 470 thousands employed people during carnival period.

Carnival business area, different from women, is modest and does not expose its astonishing performance. It should be necessary to discuss and organize the area in order people could invest and profit. Maybe in 2008 we had a coup de grâce in this direction. One of the “samba schools”, called Vai Vai, composed its song inspired by a play written by a Brazilian big shot (Antonio Ermirio de Morais, Votorantim group): “Wake up, Brazil!” This will call attention of business communities from Brazil and other countries. It is a first step to unveil this big business area down here. The other subject brought by the song was education – a enormous area of investment in Brazil.

“Hello Brasil, our people wants more education to be happy!”

(one verse of the Vai Vai song).

See the performance:,,GIM778923-7822-N-VAIVAI,00.html


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