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Nova Jerusalém

Posted by Nadiva Olivier on March 22, 2008

paixao_de_cristo_pe_08_f_007.jpgpaixao_de_cristo_pe_08_f_012.jpgpaixao_de_cristo_pe_08_f_011.jpgThe biggest open air event in the world, according to Brazilian press, is the Holy Week celebration at Nova Jerusalém, a city located in Pernambuco, a northeast Brazilian state. 2008 is its 41st edition and about 80 thousand people are supposed to watch the spectacle this week, that involves a thousand artists among main charaters and others. The open air theather has 100 thousand square meters. Artists move thru diversified scenarios during the death and ressurrection of Christ, while assistants follow their steps, watching the presentation. The presentations started March 15th and go thru March 22nd. A real and astonishing religious effort of everyone that is involved.


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