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Strange horizon for immigration in Brazil

Posted by Nadiva Olivier on February 24, 2012

A question placed at is something brand new inside Brazilian Culture: rejection to immigrants. The pool is about reducing or increasing demands for foreigners ? people that want to come to live in Brazil.

The questions and percentage of answers are like that:

– Yes (reducing demands for foreigners) – 17,50%

– No (that means: do not reduce them) – 82,50% –

Date: January 31st, 2012.

This is an awkward situation because one of the facts that stimulate people to come to Brazil is the sweetness of Brazilians. The other reason, of course, is the situation we are living : not an economic paradise but a scenario where the economy is dynamic, the Government is dealing well with their political, economical and other issues and industry is answering in a good mood to challenges.

What are these bad emotions made of? What kind of protection or whatever is arising in our cultural and social horizon? What is the real reason for that?

While we don´t know how to answer, it is important to notice that this window is just starting to close. Hurry up with your initiative to establish a business here!

Note: This post is from Jan31st2012. Today – Febr5th, 2012 – at UOL portal (link below) it was published a report on immigration to Brazil, with emphasis on immigration from neighboring countries to Brazil. However, this is just the beggining. The thing is that Brazil will suffer a big shock of knowledge with the immigration that is just starting and will increase alot – from China, Europe and the United States.


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