A look on Brazil issues

Don´t go short.

Posted by Nadiva Olivier on July 27, 2014

After World Cup season, we are starting the next season: President and State Governor´s elections in Brazil.

To be sure about your vote, try not to judge words or marketing campaign –  look for their Government Plans, although at this time you will find just a few proposals and a lot of critics to the competitors.

1. Judge the candidates’ ideas. Write them down. This is essential to clear analyse the scenario they propose.

2. Don’t go short.  To achieve greatness, you must think beyond how you’d naturally measure success. Think about where you want this country to be in 10 years from now and if the candidates are planning, at least,  with such a vision.  

3. Don’t ask for permission and try a due diligence at their numbers until now. If the candidate did not reach the figures proposed in his/her last election, why would he/she get the new figures now?

4. Look if they propose radical changes. Radical goal can move people exponentially instead of linearly. This is good for motivational purposes – or for convincing you to vote in a certain direction – but the reality of a government is something that demands debates, agreements and a lot of diversified movements.

There is no radical change… unless we are talking about a dictator´s government.


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