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Unpredictable pleasures.

Posted by Nadiva Olivier on September 20, 2007

fleur-staticflickrcom-144165901_4ebb293cc7_o.jpgI remember when Spring in Brazil used to make me happy. I loved to see flowers blooming again in the gardens, getting out to feel the sun, starting out with friends to get a evening drink or simply staying on the balcony at home looking for the sunrise in the morning or enjoying a gorgeous sunset.

Today, Spring means that Christmas will soon be here and we have to hurry up. There are some Spiritualists that remember Spring. First grade students will make some drawings to decorate their classroom and perhaps there will be someone in a park who will talk about a celebration of Spring in a given Sunday. The real thought, however, is planning Christmas. Somehow this seems strange because Spring is here, we see it in the flowers, in the warm temperatures. On the other hand, Christmas is not here and we do not feel it.

If I had to pick the saddest thought about Spring it would be how much I miss the Spring celebrations. Despite the business pressure, I prefer to celebrate Spring and just postpone Christmas a bit more. People seem to have forgotten Nature. Money, sales, budget, targets are the real nature of men today. This does not make us happy. One should think carefully about how distant we have become from our real nature. If you make your decisions according to nature, you will feel good. Your decisions will not be based on environmental pressures. You will feel obliged to a performance that does not make you want to do more. 

Unfortunately our desires are all on indefinite hold until someone tells us to do something. So it is Spring. It is better to consider that the last quarter of the year is here and you will probably have to fight a little harder to achieve your goals.

This Spring, however, please accept my humble invitation. Give yourself a pirate name and take your boat to spread flowers in the ocean and celebrate the season. My pirate name is Dirty Mary Rackham. Does that sound appropriated? Try yours at and then we can discuss your choices. Pleasure, not certainties, makes sense for a pirate. This September, when Spring starts in Brazil, try doing this. You will then prepared for doing budgeting, planning and whatever else, really nurtured.

3 Responses to “Unpredictable pleasures.”

  1. gene1263 said

    Yes, spring is a wonderful time of year. The grass is getting green, the flower are poking their heads up out of the ground. Everything is starting to come alive. The snow and ice are gone, yes, it’s wonderful.
    Dirty Mary Rackham, i would like to see how you answered your questions. OK., i signed up and got me a name too. Captain Tom Flint at you service.
    have a nice day.

  2. coachnadiva said

    Red roses for you, Captain Tom Flint. Tks for joining Spring team. Like Al Pacino (Scent of a Woman): “hoo-ah”!

  3. coachnadiva said

    Hi Ed, my dear friend!
    What about Spring in USA? Tks so much for your comments in my e-mail and your helpful advices. You are a very special person.

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