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Hello world!

Posted by Nadiva Olivier on September 7, 2007

Welcome to Brazil Factor, a blog to discuss Brazil – its market, people, opportunities and chalenges. The idea is to offer and exchange information about Brazil market with persons and companies interested in this huge market. Hope you enjoy and share your comments. I have also created pages for special places we have here and that tourists usually do not pay attention or are not informed about. My idea is to build a track to understand Brazil better in order people can come, enjoy, work, make partnerships, respecting our people and the treasures of this country. Wellcome aboard!


2 Responses to “Hello world!”

  1. gene1263 said

    Coach Na diva,
    I have read most of what you have written, yes pretty good. I have signed up, so now i have to find something to write about. I could write about a wonderful ,a very pretty woman i know in Brazil. All the wonderful times we had chatting. But maybe i write about bowling, i love to bowl.

  2. Ed Sieber said

    Mari, I love your articles and this website….you are such an insiteful writer… I read the two items that i did a little correcting of grammar on…and the others are wonderful….talk to you soon…Ed

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